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My Fluid Nature offers virtual and in studio* classes and workshops.

Recorded sessions are also available for purchase.


Please note, due to Covid-19 restrictions all in-person workshops, classes and bodywork sessions are currently postponed. Please check back for updates.

Upcoming Virtual Offerings

The virtual workshops and classes are designed to support you in your practice from the comfort of your own home or chosen space. This is a great way to stay connected no matter where life takes you.

Series are best done in their entirety, but individual classes can be taken as drop-ins. Registration is required at least 48 hours prior to the desired class.

A conference link and class info will be provided after registration. All classes are recorded and available for viewing with series purchase.

Living Into Spring

A virtual Continuum half day workshop.  

April 17th
9:30-1:30 MST

During this half day workshop we will spend time exploring the energy of Spring! We will do so through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  feeling into our own being, and the natural world.

Alive Home

A four week virtual Continuum series.  

May 6, 13, 20, 27
9am – 11am MDT

In this series we will move with and let ourselves be moved by our own life force energy, deepening into an alive sense of home.

Missed registration? Drop-in anytime
Purchase a one-time voucher for any upcoming virtual class. 48 hr pre-registration required.

Recordings for Purchase

Some of Kori’s series and workshops can now be purchased for your own home use.

This is a great way to explore a particular theme that calls to you in a way that works for your own time and schedule.

Waves of Being thumbnail

Waves of Being

A recorded virtual Continuum series.  

In this series we will be playing and exploring into the different connective tissue in the body, bones, then surrounding connective tissue including the muscle, fluid, and eventually fascial system.

Fluid Life - Resourcing and Resiliency Recordings

A recorded virtual Continuum series.  

During this series we will be diving deep, cultivating our ability to resource as well as experientially feeling into our places of resiliency together.

Call and Response- Bodies Love

A recorded virtual Continuum workshop.  

During this half day workshop we will tend to, call to, our bodies, cultural, primordial,and cosmic, and deeply listen, move with and let ourselves be moved by the response.

Winter's Wisdom

A recorded virtual Continuum workshop.  

During this half day workshop we will be exploring the wisdom of winter through the lens of Traditional Chinese medicine, our own bodies, and by being witness to the natural world. 

Meditation Videos

Guided meditation thumbnail

Guided Meditations

Free meditation samplers with Kori

This playlist includes a variety of guided meditations for beginners as well as those who are a bit more experienced in meditation techniques. The playlist includes a mindfulness meditation, meditations for calming and settling, experiencing connection, experiencing source, feeling into resiliency, a walking meditation, and more. 

7 Day Beginner Guided Meditation Series

Beginner Guided Meditations

A free 7-day beginners guide to meditation

This playlist is from a 7-day meditation series.  It is a perfect entry point for you if you want to begin a meditation practice of your own or if you are looking for some different entry points into trying meditation.  Kori guides you through a variety of different meditation experiences including following the breath for relaxation and focus, using the microcosmic orbit, opening up to ease and nourishment, grounding and alignment, working with mantra, our energetic body centers, and stepping into the purity of Awareness. 

Body Blessing meditation

Body Blessing Meditation

A free extended body blessing meditation

In this extended body blessing meditation Kori guides you through a time of honoring the energetic centers of your body.

This is a great meditation for anyone who is looking for healing or accentuating and seeing the health that is already here.  It can also be a perfect practice before bed, preparing you for deep healing while you sleep,  setting the stage for a beautiful morning and waking experience the next day.

In Studio

All live classes and workshops are postponed until further notice due to COVID-19

In-Studio Poster


“Kori is absolutely phenomenal! She is the best massage therapist that I have ever had the distinct pleasure to work with!”


Rochester, NY

“I am deeply grateful for the personal transformation that has happened through Kori’s workshops on Zoom.   Kori guides these classes in a way that one feels touched and met through her loving, insightful and graceful way.”

Chattanooga, TN

“Kori ‘s classes are reflections of her personal efforts, creativity and ongoing depth in living and are an absolute inspiration. My deepest thank you!”


“Kori is one of the most brilliant teachers of anything that I can remember having. She puts information out in a clear, organized and easy to comprehend way. She is wonderful at responding to questions and going deeper with what might have been behind them. She is expressive, compassionate, loving! And SOOO patient!”


Rochester, NY

“Kori has worked on me whenever I’ve had a chance to get to her! She has helped with a number of issues I have had including, sinus issues, strained muscles (as an athlete in college) and general well being. She always asks if there is a goal with any session I go to, and so allows me to address any issue I am having that day. She’s got great hands and a shining personality.”

Kate Durkin

San Diego, CA

“Dear Kori,
I want to thank you for the discovery of Continuum! It has made me realize how important the body is in the ascension process. We are bodies and we are in service to the whole, in our body, so it is good to make our “number one tool” transparent. And I love the way Kori transmits her own embodiment : )”


Paris, France

Kori’s dives are exquisite. She consistently presents material with clarity and great creativity that allows me to go really deep, really wide, really clear. Kori and her offerings have been my saving grace through this pandemic time, allowing me to grow in completely unexpected ways.

Allentown, PA

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