Terms and Conditions

Initial In-Home Consultations

Initial consultations are FREE and usually run between 1-2 hours based on the size of your home and the scope of the project(s).  


A minimum of 2-3 hours is required for an on-site organizing session.  Sessions are generally booked between 8:30am-2:45pm weekdays with extended day/weekend flexibility when necessary.  A 15-30 minute on-site lunch break may be taken during sessions that occur through lunch time. Lunch breaks are off the clock and will not be billed to the client.  

Professional Organizing Services and Rates

An hourly rate of $50 will be charged for organizing services.  Portions of hours will be billed in 15-minute increments.

Organizing services include:  on-site organizing, in-person and virtual consultations and training, personal shopping (on-line and in-store), donation, consignment and recycling drop-off, product research, off-site organizing projects, and other related duties.  

At times, it may be more cost-effective to employ use of an organizing assistant for specific projects or tasks.  In the event where an assistant will benefit you, we will discuss the details prior to bringing them on. Organizing assistants range between $25-50/hour, depending upon the assistant and the duties involved.  

Payment and Billing

An invoice will be e-mailed to you at the beginning of each month for any sessions, supplies, or fees incurred in the previous month.  A 3% convenience fee will be added to all supplies purchased by Erika Gullo Organizing. Payment is due within 15 days of the invoice date and may be made in person by check, credit card, or cash.  

If a check is returned to EGO due to insufficient funds, any bank fees incurred will be billed to the client. If payments are not received on time, a late fee of 1.5% of the total due will be assessed each month.  

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment.  If less than 48- hours notice is given, a $50 flat fee may be charged.

Discarding, Donating, Consignment, and Selling

The final decisions on what to keep, sell, donate, or discard is at the client’s discretion.  EGO will provide a donation receipt for all items dropped off at a donation center. Any proceeds that are made by selling or consigning the client’s items will be given to the client minus any selling fees and time involved to transport or list said items.  


Your privacy is respected and all information received from you is confidential.  

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