Continuum is a body of work originated by Emilie Conrad in the 1960’s. It is considered a Somatic movement modality which means it focuses on the felt experience of the body.

Continuum Services

In Continuum, we inquire into the nature of our ever evolving being – bodies, planet, cosmos – through the use of sound, breath, and attention.

The “sounding” that we do in Continuum is using internal sound, our own human voice, as a tool to meet, affect, and explore our fluid bodies. (No singing ability or voice skills necessary 😉.)

We use sound as an exploratory tool because it can offer focus and direction for the mind, but also because sound affects matter. Our bodies are matter. Sound has an ability to shift or interrupt the patterning of our tissue.

In classes and workshops I lay out motifs, often from the natural world, as a model for us to explore intentionally. Equally as important, I will also encourage you to take time to pause and listen to your own living, moving intelligence in response to our inquiry.

A Continuum experience is a portal to a deeper awareness of, and connection to, embodiment, movement, nourishment, and creativity.

Upcoming Classes

Sound Being

A virtual Continuum series.  

April 24, May 2, 9, 16
9:00- 11:00am MDT

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Continuum Resources

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“Dear Kori,

I want to thank you for the discovery of Continuum! It has made me realize how important the body is in the ascension process. We are bodies and we are in service to the whole, in our body, so it is good to make our “number one tool” transparent. And I love the way Kori transmits her own embodiment : )”

Sophie Pilette

Paris, France

“Thanks Kori.  I so value the deep opening you’re classes bring inside of me and the group. “

Anne Loomis

Rochester, NY

“Kori is one of the most brilliant teachers of anything that I can remember having. She puts information out in a clear, organized and easy to comprehend way. She is wonderful at responding to questions and going deeper with what might have been behind them. She is expressive, compassionate, loving! And SOOO patient!”

Joyce Herman

Rochester, NY

“I really appreciate the way Kori offers continuum. Not only is she a deep, wonderful, and exquisite teacher. She also offers Continuum in very accessible ways in terms of time and cost whether it’s in person or over zoom.”

Lori Fuller

Boulder, CO

“She has a very balanced teaching style – attending to her students’ personal needs as they arise, and to the needs of the class as a whole. She often prefaces the dives with interesting and relevant writings or illustrations, exploring many facets of the concepts with which we’re working.

I am grateful to have had Kori in my life these past two decades, as a healer, teacher, and friend.”

Carolyn Ray

Pittsford, NY

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