Fluid Life – Resourcing and Resiliency Recordings

A four part series that dives deep, cultivating our ability to resource as well as experientially feeling into our places of resiliency together.

This series also includes some guided experiential pieces in the first and last classes.

Introduction and Class 1
Guided Experience- Resources and Resilience
Tissue Prep- Body Sweep Shhhh
Dive Sounds- Lunar, Shhhhhh

Class 2
Tissue Prep- Mouthster Mash
Dive Sounds- Lunar, Theta, Ssssss ss

Class 3
Tissue Prep- Sa Ha
Dive Sounds- Lunar, Theta, Cavewind, Sssss ss

Class 4
Guided Experience- Resilience
Tissue Prep- Shhh pour
Dive Sounds- Lunar, Theta, Cavewind, Ssssss sss