Finding nourishment, ease, and freedom through direct experience of our

fluid nature

My Fluid Nature is the embodied life care practice of Kori Tolbert.
Kori offers classes and workshops in Continuum exploration, applied use of Five Element Theory,
and Conscious Awareness. Kori also offers private sessions catered to the specific needs of the individual through, but not exclusive to the avenues of Swedish Massage,
Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, and Continuum.


My Fluid Nature was born out of Kori’s desire to have one central online location where prospective clients and students could go to learn more about what she has to offer and what is possible for them through her offerings.


You made it! 🙂

Let’s see what’s possible together.

Kori has been a licensed and NCBTMB approved bodyworker since 2001 and is also a member of the Continuum Teachers Association. Kori studied at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, with John Barnes Myofascial School, the Ohashi Institute in NYC, in Japan, and India.

She has practiced Continuum since 2008 and began teaching after receiving approval from Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum, in 2013. She has also co-taught workshops for people living with chronic conditions, as well as several exploratory sounding/yoga workshops.

Kori’s offerings invite her clients and students to dive under their layers of restriction and find places of flow and nourishment. She believes it is our birthright to live unbridled in the emergence of our ever unfolding fluid nature.



Continuum is a body of work originated by Emilie Conrad in the 1960’s. It is considered a Somatic movement modality which means it focuses on the felt experience of the body.

In Continuum, we inquire into the nature of our ever evolving being (bodies, planet, cosmos) through the use of sound, breath and attention.

Instead of dictating or imposing what our bodies should be doing, we offer an exploration directed in a certain way. This often uses motifs from the natural world. Then we listen deeply and attentively to see what wisdom and response comes from our own living intelligence.

Watch a video of Kori discussing the health benefits of Continuum on

For more information on Continuum please visit

My Fluid Nature offers an on-going 4-6 week virtual series, weekly Denver studio classes, workshops, and individual introduction and ongoing sessions.


Shiatsu is a Japanese healing art done on a mat on the floor. The client is fully clothed. At the start of your session we do a Hara organ assessment. This modality is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Anma Therapy. Passive stretching, as well as direct finger pressure along the meridian system, is used to increase your natural energetic flow throughout your body.

Watch a video of Kori leading you through a series of home exercises based on Shiatsu principals.

Myofacial Release

Myofacial Release works on your body’s Fascial System to release chronic holding patterns, caused by emotional or physical trauma. Releasing these adhesions can help with restricted range of motion, tingling, numbness, chronic pain, and general malaise.

Each session starts with an assessment your body’s alignment as well as any concerns or goals. The session unfolds organically, sometimes requiring a light touch, othertimes more direct pressure is needed. We meet your body at it’s points of holding and offer it a space to unwind.  No oil is used during a Myofacial Release session.

Workshops and Classes

Virtual Series

These series are designed to support you in your practice from the comfort of your own home or chosen space. A great way to stay connected no matter where life takes you. Series are best done in their entirety, but individual classes can be done as drop-ins. All classes are recorded and available for veiwing with series purchase. Registration is required at least 48 hours prior to the desired class. A conference link and class info will be provided after registration.

Together, We Sound

Together, We Sound...
A virtual Continuum series.  

November 12th, 19th, December 3rd, 10th
9:00am-11am MDT
Join us from the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose to be, but wrapped in our mutual field together.

Together, We Sound Flier

This virtual 4 week series will be divided up into two week segments to surround the holidays.
We will come together offering our sound and movement through our bodies and out into the world. Post election here in the US, and weaving through the holiday season… there couldn’t be a better time to regroup together with intention and sound.  Please join us! 

$60 for the series if paid before first class.
$20 per class for drop ins (must be arranged before each class)



Living Love

Living Love...
A six week virtual Continuum series.  

January 14, 21, 28, February 4, 11, 18
9:00am-11am MDT
Join us from the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose to be, but wrapped in our mutual field together.

Living Love Virtual Continuum Series Flier

In this virtual six week series we will explore sounding and attention techniques that will help us to feel into our ever present essence- liquid, breathing, moving, unconditional, Love.
We will cultivate, awaken to, let ourselves be moved by, and witness the aliveness of connection and "juice" in our lives.
As a bonus, I will encourage you into "homework" in between classes where we notice the Eros in our every day.
Please register by January 6th. 

$96 for the series if paid before first class.
$22 per class for drop ins
(must be arranged at least 48hrs before each class so you have time to receive materials)



Winter's Wisdom

Winter's Wisdom- A Virtual Continuum Workshop

January 3rd 9:30-1:30 MST
Join from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you choose to be, but wrapped in our mutual field of connection.

Please see the Winter's Wisdom flier for more details

During this half day workshop we will be with aspects of Winter.
We will listen deeply, and let ourselves be moved by the currents of the natural world and the world within. 

The extended time will offer us the luxury of more plentiful time to dive, process, check in, and be within the flow of our collective field together.

Please register by December 30th.
$35 if registered before December 24th.
$45 after.

Zoom link will be provided in welcome letter after registration.

*If you are new to Continuum please reach out to me before registering



Missed registration? Drop-in anytime
Purchase a one-time voucher for any upcoming virtual class. 48 hour pre-registration required.

In Studio

There is nothing quite like an in-person Continuum group experience. We hear and move with each other in the same physical space. It is a potent and rich opportunity. This in person time is especially important for beginners as they are taking their first steps into these types of explorations. We will move and be moved together.



Nov 9 from 1-5pm
2231 South Platte River Drive
Denver, CO 80223
Download the Love Moves flier

During this half day workshop we will honor the movement of Autumn, within nature, within ourselves. Just as the trees drop their leaves each year, there is wisdom in taking time to let go of the form that we think we are. There is wisdom in taking time to yield to the intrinsic movement that is ever present, moving us through our own seasons of being.

We will come together to practice this letting go, yielding to the underlying wisdom that only emerges with deep, heart felt listening. We will create potent space where we can dive deep down, below the limits and confines of our cultural veil and support each other in the field of freedom. We will sound, breathe, and let ourselves be moved together.

Life is right here, waiting for us to pause and offer It attention. Join us. Supported, nourished freedom awaits.

Space is limited.
Please register to save your spot.
Early bird price if registered by October 15th $65
Regular Price $80

*This workshop is intended for those who have had at least intro level Continuum experience.
If you would like to attend, but have not had an introductory experience, please reach out to so that we can talk about whether or not this might still be a good fit
for you.


Weekly Class Series in Denver

Coming soon. Check back for more information.


“Kori is the most intuitive and responsive body therapist I have ever encountered. By drawing on her broad training and experience, Kori crafts completely personalized treatments for each of her clients. My personal results were spectacular; and every person I referred to her reported similar experiences. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”


Victor, NY

“Kori is absolutely phenomenal! She is the best massage therapist that I have ever had the distinct pleasure to work with!”


Rochester, NY

“Kori is one of the most brilliant teachers of anything that I can remember having. She puts information out in a clear, organized and easy to comprehend way. She is wonderful at responding to questions and going deeper with what might have been behind them. She is expressive, compassionate, loving! And SOOO patient!”

Joyce Herman

Rochester, NY

“Kori has worked on me whenever I’ve had a chance to get to her! She has helped with a number of issues I have had including, sinus issues, strained muscles (as an athlete in college) and general well being. She always asks if there is a goal with any session I go to, and so allows me to address any issue I am having that day. She’s got great hands and a shining personality.”

Kate Durkin

San Diego, CA

“Dear Kori,
I want to thank you for the discovery of Continuum! It has made me realize how important the body is in the ascension process. We are bodies and we are in service to the whole, in our body, so it is good to make our “number one tool” transparent. And I love the way Kori transmits her own embodiment : )”

Sophie Pilette

Paris, France

“Kori brings illumination, fluidity, and pleasure into the lives of her students and clients.”


Rochester, NY


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